Fight the Coronavirus with your Unused CPU Cycles

Fight the Coronavirus with your Unused CPU Cycles

Donate Your Unused CPU Cycles to Fight the Coronavirus (Original Article)

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How to Crowdsource your Unused CPU Cycles to Fight the Coronavirus:

In today’s world there’s a lot of hysteria surrounding the world and its current pandemic. People are losing their jobs, their health, and their livelihoods. And within these hard financial times it can be really difficult for everyone to help one another when the main concern is almost survival. 

But for everyone who has a computer at home there is the Folding home Project that allows its users to crowdsource their unused CPU power and to help fight the current COVID-19.

I’ve currently taken an initiative to repurpose not only my personal laptop(mac) but also all my static lightsail servers with the Folding@Home client. I’ve limited the client on my lightsail servers to not breach above the bustable zone on Amazon’s lightsail service. 

After 3 days i can confirm that this is a stable background process that will subdue to main traffic and can run efficiently and quietly in the backgorund.

Current COVID-19 Statistics:

Graph provided by Pascal Meunier

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