My Personal Journey

My Personal Journey

Back in 2008 I originally started delving into C++ and basic infrastructure set up when my friends and I wanted to play world of warcraft but came into a very strong conundrum of not being in middle school with absolutely no income to pay for the subscriptions/expansions. I was able to come across a couple of WoW forums on Reddit and realized there was an entire underground of developers building private servers where the games are just loaded. That being said I didn’t know what the legality of the situation was but, hey, free games right?

 Fast forward to my Junior year of highschool 2010-2011 my dad is building his first restaurant and needs a website that can offer online ordering. Back then there wasn’t Squarespace, Wix, or website builders so I ended up spending 6 months after school every day putting together a php based website that could handle online ordering. I borrowed some code from Github and just ran with it on the site that communicated a JSON response to my dad’s POS and was able to get online ordering up and going. It was probably the most difficult thing I’ve ever done in my youth.

I later ended up going into college as a Computer Science Major but didn’t complete my degree due to financial problems/family issues. Which ultimately shelved any dreams of making a professional career out of it. But out of sheer luck I was able to land an internship for a company called SingleOps by recommendation from a friend of a friend. It was a full time internship with a stipend of $800 a month and it wasn’t a lot but honestly to me it was huge because it was an opportunity more or less. The company was a start up with maybe 5 employees total and my skill set wasn’t refined or developed at all to really display any Leadership skills the company was looking for. I was dehydrated for knowledge and this company needed help getting on their feet and leadership. We both looked for the opposite of what we were wanting out of each other and ultimately decided that it was best to part ways with the company 

During my off time I took the time to really start developing my personal skills on my own using whatever free resource online I could find to make websites. Ultimately, developing a very “cowboy coder” edition of a development life cycle by taking on freelance projects for small businesses. Between Design, Print, Development, and Product consulting, I became my own full service agency.

That’s where I’m left with my final destination as a developer for the time being. I currently work at Rearview Advertising as a Full-stack Developer. It’s the job that has taught me the most I’ve ever learned about development and working in a development team. It’s a creative agency, so when I’m not doing my daily responsibilities setting up servers, developing websites or applications, I get to dive into other creative ventures such as photography, Videography, Animation, Design, and Search Engine Optimization. It’s extremely fruitful in my personal Self growth with its ever changing demand from me as a developer with the leisurely attitude in team/personal growth.

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